Bridge Inspections

Level One and Two Bridge Inspections

CopeAg can provide both, with qualified and experienced inspectors, detailed reports including photos and if required estimates to rectify issues.
Severe spauling likely caused by lack of concrete cover
Severe spauling likely caused by lack of concrete cover
A Level One check is completed by an experienced worker in a patrol vehicle, who will perform minor maintenance works such as, clearing scuppers, straightening signs, clearing vegetation, or removing debris buildup. A simplified checklist is used to report the general condition of the bridge.
A Level Two inspection, is a structural condition report by a qualified assessor. Each component of the structure is individually assessed for defects. A report is generated using the same standards and methodology as ARRB and VicRoads. We provide detailed information, from levels where subsidence may be an issue, to dimensions of cracks. The examination requires close up viewing of the various components. This involves the use of telephoto lens, video cameras, borescopes, torches, EWPs, ladders and we also have an inflatable boat to access pilons in the waterway. The Structural Condition Report is an observation of the structure and a description of the state of any defects at that point in time. The report does not definitively indicate a cause of the defect. A separate estimate of the cost repairs can be prepared at the time of assessment of the bridge.  
All inspections and maintenance is carried out with a high level of compliance to OH&S, Risk and Environment Management. We can also assess jetties, boardwalks and bike paths.
We are able to provide a quote for programmed or one off inspections.  We can use existing inventories of bridge components and we can compare previous reports to assess changes in the condition of structures.